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Introducing the Associate Agency Program
from Travel Quest Network

Increase Your Revenue
by an Average of

Our Associate Agency Program is the easiest way to boost your agency’s revenue

If you’re not looking to sell your agency, and want to rebuild your profit quickly, then the Associate Agency program from Travel Quest Network is for you. This program program is designed just for agencies.

Associate Agencies improve their profit power with top-tier commissions plus incentive bonuses with most cruise lines, tour providers, and both domestic and international commissions across more than 80 airlines. 

Gain from our world-class technology, marketing, and education programs, and get personal agency support, all while keeping total control of your agency.

The Best Part... There's No Setup or Ongoing Monthly Fees If You Qualify

WorldVia Travel Group is one of the fastest-growing agencies in America!

Earn More

Now you can leverage our vast buying power with suppliers to start earning more.

Because if you can increase your margins, you can produce more income for the same amount of time and effort.

Our Associate Agency Program gives you flexible options that let you keep control of your business while increasing your profit margins. Plus, you can participate in lead generation marketing programs, access better technology, enroll your advisors in engaging education courses, and receive personalized agency and supplier support.

The best part, it won’t even cost you anything.  

Hear What Other Associate Agencies Are Saying

Pack Up + Go Surprise Travel Agency

Leadership at Pack Up + Go was so thrilled when we found WorldVia's Associate Agency program in our search for ways to streamline our very manual booking process. For years, in an effort to avoid the commitment to operating our business using a GDS, we booked directly with each airline on their individual booking sites. When we realized that through the Associate Agency Program we could make our booking flow more efficient, gain commission on domestic bookings, and see all of our air reservations in one place - all without needing to be GDS trained - we knew we needed to make the switch immediately! 

Jordan Leah Tobe

Director of Operations

Keep Control and Increase Value

Are you worried about how your agency will come out of COVID-19?

During this time of depressed sales, getting every dollar of commission matters more than ever, and it may be the difference between your agency thriving and going out of business. Better margins mean increased income for the same amount of sales.

The beauty of our program is that it leaves you in total control and is one of the few things that you can do today with almost no downside or risk.

We can’t think of any risk, but we had to say “almost”.

So Much More Than Increased Commission

Beyond boosting commissions, the Associate Agency Program offers superb tools, resources, and support that your business deserves.

Travel Technology

More Technology

Associate Agencies can access sophisticated booking and mid-office technology without heavy upfront investment. This includes Sabre GDS and Worldspan GDS, consolidated cruise booking, online air booking, and corporate travel tools like client reporting solutions, automated ticketing, and more.

  • FREE Air Booking Tool

    Start earning commission WITHOUT the GDS!

  • FREE Hotel Booking Tool

    Access rates from GDS, bed banks, and popular OTA's. Earn great commission and stop losing business on price.

  • FREE Cruise Booking Tool

    Powerful multi-cruise line comparison, quoting, booking, and payment - all in one platform

Travel Marketing Services

More Marketing

With our marketing, you’ll have access to our lead generation program, exclusive WorldVia Travel Group supplier partner promotions, as well as award-winning promotional creative materials. We have everything you need to amplify your brand on a local and national level. Not a marketer? Don’t worry. You now have a marketing team to help you drive sales.

More Education

Competing in today’s travel industry is hard. Advisors are looking to continually raise their game and master the supplier landscape. Our innovative training programs complement and expand upon training that may already be available to you through a consortia or industry association. Our education programs aren’t just for front line advisors. We go beyond to give you tools for running a successful and profitable agency. Your success is our benchmark.

More Support

You are a pro and you need professional support. Our Associate Success Team is made of industry veterans and experts in the various tools that you will use as an Associate Agency. You will receive the assistance you need by someone who knows you and your business. You will be on a first-name basis with our team. That is how important you are to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

A division of our company, Travel Quest Network, is a large host agency that supports over 2,000 independent contractors.  Even before COVID-19, we began receiving a lot of calls from small and medium sized agencies who were asking whether running some of their bookings through us might yield them higher margins. Some were interested in just booking air, some just cruise and tour, and even some just a single cruise line where they were earning a low base commission. After analyzing their business mix, the answer in most cases was YES.

Knowing that our buying power could help small and medium-size agencies succeed, we thought about other ways we could help. From marketing programs to technology, the list of opportunities to add value grew and the Associate Agency Program was born.

Absolutely not. In fact, you choose which suppliers and bookings you want to book through the program. We think that once you get started you’ll see that you can boost your revenue with the vast majority of suppliers, but the decision and control is totally yours.

All agencies must apply to be considered for the Associate Agency Program. For consideration into the program, agencies must book at least $2 million in ticketed sales annually (this requirement will be adjusted or waived for 2020 sales based on COVID-19). If your agency size is under $2 million, there are still many of these same tremendous opportunities available through our host agency division, Travel Quest Network.

Nothing. It’s absolutely free to join. We do not charge an initial membership fee for Associate Agencies to join the program. 

Travel Quest Network keeps a small percentage of the commission paid by suppliers for completed travel as well as any volume-based incentives.

No, WorldVia Travel Group and Travel Quest Network are not consortia, we’re even closer partners with you than that. Travel Quest Network is a host agency, but the Associate Agency program is different than the traditional Travel Quest Network independent agent program. As an Associate Agency, you’ll work more closely with our executive team and functional support teams (technology, marketing, operations, etc.). Of course, how much and how closely you want to work with us is totally up to you, it’s  your agency!

No. While WorldVia Travel Group actively seeks acquisitions, the Associate Agency program was created for agency owners that DON’T want to sell their agency but want to improve their profit potential.

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